Welcome to Suggestions for Suggestion! 

We take all your friendly inquiries and suggestions from the Contact page and post the best ones here. You might be answered by Frank, King Bong, or maybe even both. 

:( you prob wont read this but i made the sad and probably very late discovery that your you tube page is down, i hope you guys arent splitting up cause i really liked your stuff. hopefully one day i can meet you guys.

We did split up. We lost GrundleGarth and Alin a while ago, and also lost most of our crew. Right now it's just me and Frank. It's an interesting situation but now Frank and I have our own studio so we'll be recording new stuff and making more music videos. We hope to acquire more members for Suggestion and even some crew members as well. If you happen to run into any human animal hybrids or alien types looking for a band let me know asap.


I fucking told you to cook your linguini just beyond al dente for an optimal taste experience. Fuck you, dude, you never listen to my pasta suggestions.

Last time I listened to one of your pasta suggestions, I was highly disappointed. I even dropped that shit in an ice bath right before adding oil. You have some nerve, Mr.Al Dente.


You should put out a new music video.

Suggestion - One man enter (Two man leave)... Keep an eye out for it.

I want to see more Pucey!!! He is the best and I love him!! (P.S.) and no I’m not trapped in his basement and being forced to write this.......

We miss Pucey too. One of a kind right there. I havn't seen him in a while but one of the last times I did see him he said something about starting a new business called something like Gravy Out The Bag. I couldn't tell if it was more of a culinary thing or some kind of revenge business involving old deaf people. I think he may have been on Shark Tank looking for an investment but I don't think they aired the episode cause he exposed himself to Mark Cuban. 

you should tell frank to fuck me up the butt.....all night looong

Ill let him know. Sounds like you've been thinking about sects way too much.