The video is finally done!

I want to give a big shout out to Charles Bronson, Jon McCarthy, the Colony in Woodstock, and our wonderful acolytes for making this a reality.

Were in the middle of scheduling and making plans to film our next video, “SnakeBait.” If you want to be a part of it, send us a message.

Also, dont forget to get yourself some sweet new merch, and check out our Patreon account at:


The videos just about done! Weve also recorded 10 tracks, including a couple of re records that we thought deserved some love.

We also have a new Spreadshirt site, so if youre interested in getting some Suggestion gear, head over to

Keep your eyes out for our debut music video for One Man Enter! It should be happening within a few weeks.






Our first music video is well under way! Both KB and Frank recently visited an old friend in New York and are pleased to tell everyone that the filming for our first music video has finished production.

We hope to have it ready for yall in the next month or so. Stay tuned!


Welcome to Suggestion's new website! This is going to be our news and announcements section, so check back often to find out the latest from us!

 Some new content is right around the corner, so until then, sit tight and Think About Sects!